• Kenichiro Ohashi

松尾大介 2021新作

Daisuke MATSUO a new work for 2021




I found an artist Daisuke Matsuo's new work at the 5th Yaironomori Art exhibition (Ikeda Art Museum).

It is a very experimental attempt. According to the artist, it is a work with the bronze overflowing from the opening of the pluster molds during the casting, so one of my attempts to seek the possibility of Italian casting.

Life is short, the art long. A rare artist. It is worth to be watched.

松尾大介 Daisuke MATSUO

彼方なる痕跡 faraway traces

ブロンズ、杉 (bronze, cedar)、w31×d143×h46 ㎝、2021

※後方の絵画 (the paintings on the wall)

室井公美子 Kumiko MUROI

Whisper 1(左, left)

カンヴァスに油彩 (oil painting on canvas)、225×182 ㎝、2021

Whisper 2(右, right)

カンヴァスに油彩 (oil painting on canvas)、225×182 ㎝、2021

池田記念美術館 ikeda memorial museum of art