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Art Galleries in Italy

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Nov 10 - Feb 28, 2024  Milano

Cortesi Gallery 10 Years

ARTIST MASTERS: Alighiero Boetti,  Enrico Castellani, Agostino Bonalumi,  Pietro Consagra, Piero Dorazio, Heinz Mack and Herman de Vires, Arnaldo Pomodoro and Giuseppe Santomaso, 
CONTEMPORARY: Francesco Carozza, Chiara Dynys, Maurizio Donzelli, Tiziana Lorenzelli and Lucrezia Roda.


This retrospective aims to celebrate and retrace the remarkable ten-year journey of the gallery presenting works by some of the most influential artists with whom it has had the privilege to collaborate.

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Dec 16, 2023 - Feb 28, 2024  Bologna

La Porta Dell Inferno

ARTIST Mario Ceroli

GALLERY De' Foscherari

The exhibition presents in this first stage, as a landing, of the boat of Charon, of figure produced by the artist with negative waste of previous works, on the background of a big and short love.

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oct 27, 2023 – feb 29, 2024  Brescia


ARTIST Mario Cravo Neto

GALLERY Paci Contemporary

The largest anthological exhibition on the Brazilian master Mario Cravo Neto ever held before in Europe.

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jan 16 - march 2, 2024  Bologna


ARTIST Giulia Marchi


A Giulia Marchi's unpublished photographic research that investigates the formation concept by drawing on the artist's intellectual training that includes literature, painting and cinematography. Bildungsromane is the German word for the formation-novel.
Gulia Marchiの未発表写真研究。文学、絵画、映画についての知的トレーニングに関する成長コンセプトの調査。Bildungsromane=ドイツ語で「教養小説(成長小説)」

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jan 25 - march 9,  2024  Napoli

L'enfant prodige

ARTIST David Bowes

GALLERY Andrea Ingenito

The exhibition, curated by Graziano Menolascina, will provide the public with a fascinating immersion in Bowes’ art, who returns to Naples after several years and marks the beginning of the collaboration between the artist and the gallery.
Graziano Menolascinaのキュレーションによる展覧会がBowesによるアートの魅惑的没頭へと人々を導く。ナポリでの展覧会は数年ぶりで、当廊とのコラボレーションは初

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feb 02 - march 14, 2024  Bologna

Ogni immagine è illuminata

ARTIST Giuseppe Colombo


About 20 works including painting, drawing, that generally belongs to the theme of the landscape, portrait and nude.

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dec 30, 2023 - march 15, 2024  Modica

Ancora na vota, cu sintimientu

ARTIST Adelita Husni Bey

GALLERY Laveronica

A series of widespread events staged on the occasion of the new solo exhibition of Adelita Husni Bey at the gallery.
当廊でのAdelita Husni Beyの新個展における拡大イベントの中の1つのシリーズ

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jan 27 - march 15, 2024  Bologna

Lux Aurea

ARTIST Nicola Boccini

GALLERY Dipaoloarte

The first personal exhibition in Italia of Nicola Boccini presents a rich selection of his recent works, which are like summary between artistic expression and technical innovation.
ニコラ ボッチーニのイタリアで初の個展は近作が豊富で、芸術表現と技術革新が集約されている

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jan 20 - march 23, 2024  Brescia

Amor Roma

ARTIST Claudioadami, Domenico Bianchi, Paolo Canevari, Bruno Ceccobelli, Paolo Cotani, Gianni Dessì, Eliseo Mattiacci, Nunzio, Claudio Orlandi, Giuseppe Uncini


A selection of Roman artists or travelers to "Eternal city", from the middle of the last century to today, through the importance of the artistic momevent they were always leading actor of that.

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feb 14 -  march 30, 2024  Milano

What Happens to the Rooms When the Men Go Away?

ARTIST Alberto Garutti

GALLERY Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting

A tribute to Alberto Garutti (1948-2023) one of the most important figures in Italian and international art, who recently passed away.
イタリア、また世界でもっとも重要なアーティストの一人で昨年亡くなったAlberto Garutti (1948-2023) へのトリビュート

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jan 12 - march 31, 2024  Bologna

Supporto memoria

ARTIST Daniela Comani


Both the static and the moving images first and foremost highlight a reflection on the relationship between the individual and time, which has become essential in the artist's research.

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jan 20 - march 31, 2024  San Gimignano

Jam Proximus Ardet, La Dernière Vidéo

ARTIST Adel Abdessemed

GALLERY Continua

In the video, taking the memory of the violence and atrocities that have so tragically scarred that magnificent country into his art, his work asks very direct questions about how we manage and live in society today. 

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Jan 22 – Apr 19, 2024  Napoli

Why a Fable?

ARTIST Eugenio Tibaldi

GALLERY Umberto di Marino

A project developed from La forma spezzata, a series of seven mixed-media cases inspired by the eponymous children's fable written and illustrated by Tibaldi, produced by the Pietro and Alberto Rossini Foundation, and published by Allemandi.
La forma spezzata(テキストおよびイラストとも作家本による、同名の子供用寓話にインスパイアされた7作品のミクストメディアシリーズ作品。プロデュースはthe Pietro and Alberto Rossini Foundation、出版社はAllemandi) から発展したプロジェクト

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march 31 - may 31, 2024  Roma

Safe Places

ARTIST Marina Xenofontos

GALLERY Ermes Ermes

We meet again in safe places, we are no longer connected, this is not a story to be written, this is what we extracted, and end in pain for ourselves.

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