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Art Galleries in Italy

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Jan 22 – Apr 19, 2024  Napoli

Why a Fable?

ARTIST Eugenio Tibaldi

GALLERY Umberto di Marino

A project developed from La forma spezzata, a series of seven mixed-media cases inspired by the eponymous children's fable written and illustrated by Tibaldi, produced by the Pietro and Alberto Rossini Foundation, and published by Allemandi.
La forma spezzata(テキストおよびイラストとも作家本による、同名の子供用寓話にインスパイアされた7作品のミクストメディアシリーズ作品。プロデュースはthe Pietro and Alberto Rossini Foundation、出版社はAllemandi) から発展したプロジェクト

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feb 22 - april 20, 2024  Roma

We are here. Do you stay in the Barbie world?

ARTIST Cristiano Pintaldi

GALLERY Mucciaccia

A collection of the artist's recent works, some of that specially made.

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march 07 - april 26, 2024  Lugano

The Black Ghost 2

ARTIST  Arim Andrew, Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo, Cristiano Mangovo, Godwin Champs Namuyimba, Kelechi Nwaneri, Frederick Tetteh

GALLERY Primo Marella

A group exhibition focusing on the presentation of African-derived neo-figuration

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march 09 - april 27, 2024  Roma

Spoken Leaves

ARTIST Chen Xiaoyi


With her long-awaited return to Rome, the artist presents a new body of work that highlights her pronounced inclination towards multidisciplinarity developed in recent years.

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march 01 – may 03, 2024  Firenze


ARTIST Hsiao Chin


A mini retrospective dedicated to Hsiao Chin, with 16 works on canvas and paper and some etchings dating from 1960 to 1997

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feb 24 - may 08, 2024  Brescia

Gettare La Spugna

ARTIST Mario García Torres

GALLERY Massimo Minini

We have put most of our energy into the couple of sculptures that await you at the entrance, articulated between an expected functionality and its unexpected opposite. They are there to welcome you and to enrapture you, one more time.

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april 04 - may 11, 2024  Milano


ARTIST Armin Boehm

GALLERY Francesca Minini

Armin Boehm paints fictitious and spatially impossible scenes, based on urban layouts and architectural constructions, that are meant to evoke the inner human condition.
Armin Boehm は虚構や空間的不可能なシーンを描くが、これは都市レイアウトや建築的建設に基づく。人間の内的コンディションの誘起を意味する

ガレリアチェレステ イタリア画廊 galleriaceleste galleries in italy 2024012.jpg

march 31 - may 31, 2024  Roma

Safe Places

ARTIST Marina Xenofontos

GALLERY Ermes Ermes

We meet again in safe places, we are no longer connected, this is not a story to be written, this is what we extracted, and end in pain for ourselves.

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march 23 - june 01, 2024  Ferrara

Mille innamoramenti

ARTIST Barbara Capponi/Babas

GALLERY Maria Livia Brunelli

“Mille innamoramenti”, la mostra di Barbara Capponi, in arte Babas, ispirata all’esposizione di Palazzo dei Diamanti che ha per protagonista il geniale artista olandese Maurits Cornelis Escher.
「たくさんの恋人たち」はバルバラ カッポーニの展覧会。優秀なオランダ人アーティストMaurits Cornelis Escherが主役を務めたDiamanti宮殿での展覧会に刺激されたもの

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april 03 - june 01, 2024  Milano

Where Thou Art - That - is Home

ARTIST Ikeorah Chisom Chi-FADA | Franklyn Dzingai | Feni Chulumanco | Sethembile Msezane | Katlego Tlabela


Home is the space within which we move and that we try to shape in our image and likeness, a reflection of its inhabitants that tells and keeps a lot of their personality. In contemporary art too.

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april 08 - june 08, 2024  Milano

The Search for Things

ARTIST Tino Stefanoni


The new exhibition project dedicated to the artist Tino Stefanoni, which builds a valuable focus on the artist’s rich and varied production.
アーティストTino Stefanoniに捧げる新展覧会プロジェクト。豊かで変化に富む作品に価値あるフォーカス

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